Be’lakor ‘Vessels’

Any Melodeath fan worth their salt should be well aware of Australia’s best heavy export by 2016. In case any of my acolytes have been living under a rock for the last decade – insert withering glare here – these lads have made name by refusing to remain still in a fairly crowded and creatively stagnant part of our world. There’s no shying away from the fact that for every Dark Tranquility there are ten bands  who are happy to continue writing the same album Children of Bodom were releasing over a decade ago.

Sorry, went on a bit of a tangent there, back to the task at hand. So, what sets Be’lakor apart from other bands of their ilk? Namely, a dogged and persistent pursuit of new ideas,  many of which some bands wouldn’t have the balls to attempt. This gives their albums an air of unpredictability that make a joy to experience for the first time or the second and even beyond .

Take for example An Ember’s Arc, a nine and a half minute track that starts with gorgeous acoustic guitar chords before sliding into more standard MDM fare, slowing down again, before smashing you right in the face with blastbeats. F**king lunacy! Honestly my words cannot do it justice. I’m pretty sure there classical piano hasn’t been used by a MDM band until now. But, use of it adds emotional depth to more one song on this disc.

Production wise thing slays as well. Every instrument sounds clear as a bell, with each having it’s moment to shine. My one criticism though, a minor one to be fair, is with the vocals. While they are beastly without a doubt, they lack dynamism that permeates the rest of this fantastic release.

It would be wrong of me to end this article on a bad note. 2016 is big year for MDM, with releases coming from the aforementioned Dark Tranquility and Mors Pricipium Est to name a couple.  So, this lot have set a high bar then. Bring it on I say!


Stay heavy my followers and have no fear for I shall soon be reborn \m/



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