Gojira ‘magma’

Frenchmen Gojira made enough noise in our world with their last album to awaken their monstrous namesake (gojira being the Japanese name for godzilla) they’ve returned this summer with its follow-up, a 44 minute collection entitled Magma. I went into this expecting another nonstop neck massacring onslaught alá amon amarth. But, if you’ll forgive me the pun, what we’ve been given here is a somewhat different beast.

The Death Metal ferocity is still alive and well, it just has to bunk up with some more introspective, mellower sounding stuff now and then. Although to be fair, there are plenty there’s plenty of weight to everything here if you’re not an adolescent who needs every single note to bash your skull in. A perfect example of what I mean is album opener the shooting star, which opens with a beautiful plodding riff before pulling you slowly into auditory quicksand with Joe Duplantier’s ethereal vocals. Then the opening riff of Silvera hits like a f***king sledgehammer, just to remind you that every single member of this band still has MASSIVE balls. As a Cockney might put it; it’s  bloomin sick guvner! The Cell reminds us that JD’s brother Mario is one of the best stick men this side of Mars. It’s a perverse pleasure to hear him kick seven shades of shit out of the kit. Next up, Stranded has a riff ripped straight from Lamb of God’s songbook. It also features the kind of eerie guitar sound that only these ferocious frogs could conjure up. This brings us to Yellowstone and the title track, a pair of songs these find the band employing a decidedly more atmospheric/progressive tone. It’s a daring move particularly considering how they’ve earned a rep for their frankly titanic riffs. Moving on from there, Prey acts as a successor to the art of dying which in my opinion is the album.

I’m sorry to say that for my opinion this offering can’t live up to it’s astonishing predecessor. Magma is by no means a bad album, it just lacks the raw power that made L’Enfant Sauvage so compelling            



Stay heavy my friends and have no fear for I shall be reborn \m/

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