Lacuna Coil ‘Delirium’

talian gothic metal outfit Lacuna Coil have returned with a new album in 2016. This latest journey finds them on top form. Every song in drenched in soul crushing misery. There’s a dark, throaty heaviness to the guitar work here that should please fans of extreme metal. At the same time though, the honeyed vocals of crooner Cristina Scabbia, along with a keen ear for melody ensure that the more casual fan won’t be left out in the cold. It’s a delicate balance that few bands are able to achieve. LC’S years of experience shine through in every note. As a side note, I would recommend that you listen to this on a decent pair of headphones to make sure you get the best experience.
   With delirium Lacuna Coil have delivered an ambitious, atmospheric, yet accessible sonic voyage that explores the murkier side of human emotion. While some of the songs do meld together at times, there is more than enough decent material to satisfy fans of Gothic rock/metal .
Brothers and sisters have no fear for your messiah has returned!
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