Rotting Christ ‘Rituals’

Of all the bands to come out of Greece in the last thirty years, perhaps none have had such a lasting impact as these Athenian hell raisers. Frontman Sakis Tollis and his crew haRCve been riding a massive hot streak since spitting forth 2007’s groundbreaking Theogonia 

Fans should rest assured that Rituals finds them stronger than ever. If I had to choose one word to describe this new opus it would be powerful. Tracks like ‘For a Voice Like Thunder’ sweep the listener up in a tidal wave of muscular riffage. RC have always had an eerie, mystical edge to their sound, these elements have been brought to the forefront on this disc. ‘Apage Santana’ starts with the band professing their spiritual adoration for the lord of hell while a tribal drumbeat plays in the background before building to an awe-inspiring climax. .

The riff on ‘Komx Om Pax’ while not particularly slow have a doomy texture to them. ‘Devadevam’ is replete with fervent chanting. The last track on the album finds Tolis talking about the four horseman of the apocalypse. The shift between reflection and heaviness represents perfectly represents the unique sound RC have been to able forge for themselves. it may be cliche to say this; but there is really no other band quite like them.


Trust in metal my friends and have no fear for I shall ride again \m/


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