‘The Astonishing’ Review

Let’s face it Dream Theater have never been accused of lacking ambition in the past. in terms of sheer volume of material, their 2016 release opus goes far beyond what even longtime fans – including myself – will be expecting.

I have to say I prefer the more guitar driven DT collections, like Train of Thought and Systematic Chaos. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying I dislike this album. It’s just that Rudess’ keys have a much more prominent role here. Petrucci’s role is more about playing clever riffs than indulging in long solos which would take away from the story somewhat. He comes to the forefront much more in act two, which is slightly darker in tone. I must say though that it’s growing on me the more I listen. Fans of Scenes from a Memory or Six Degrees will find themselves right at home.

The Production is the most clean and clear I’ve heard from Dream Theater. No one instrument get lost in the mix. It’s particularly impressive consider the band to balance their own sound with a full orchestra and choir at times.

Quite frankly, this album impossible to absorb in one sitting. This two hour thirty minute plus beast is put together in a way that lends itself to being heard in one sitting. So if you plan on getting the most out of this one be prepared to put some serious man hours in.

Trust in metal my friends and have no fear, for I shall ride out again \m/






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