Metaprism ‘The Human Encryption’

The Human Encryption is the debut album from Bournemouth based wrecking crew Metaprism and it leave your neck feeling as if it’s been lashed by the waves of a fierce south coast tempest. Apparently storms make for great metal, who knew??

OneMetaprism-The-Human-Encryption- of the most impressive things about this disc, especially considering it’s a debut, is how confident and tight the performances are. There are no apologies here just balls-out, turn your brain to mush metal. They do a great job of balancing aggression and melody throughout. The mix of heavy hook-laden riffs nifty pace changes and a nice balance of clean/growled vocals makes them sound like a cross between killswitch engage and scar symmetry to this reviewers ears. There are also plenty of sweet solos for those who like to air guitar in between frenzied bouts of moshing.

I saw them live last night and they stole the show, honestly I don’t think I’ve seen a vocalist dive into the middle of a moshpit to sing with the audience before. As good as their music is (and it’s FUCKING good if you can’t tell), I think that kind of dedication to the fans which Satan be praised should see this lot go a long way.

If you want an idea of what they sound like check the link below!


Trust in metal my friends and have no fear for I shall ride out again \m/

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