My Metal Journey (part 1)

Hi I’m Liam and I’m a metalhead from Cambridge Uk, a place with a dead metal scene. Heavy Metal and I go way back.

When I was eight years old my cousin gave me a tape with Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning’ on it, a massively underrated album that still managed to grab me by the nuts. The visceral energy, raw anger and incredible guitar-work showed me a side to music I hadn’t experienced before. The  experience lingered in my subconscious for years. Looking back at it now, I can’t remember what made me buy my first album – Dragonforce’s Inhuman Rampage. I was sixteen.    

It took what Metallica had done all those years ago to the next level. Inhuman Rampage is a light hearted, feel good album which doesn’t always take itself seriously, yet possesses the technical skill to command respect. Listening to it sometimes feels like being hit in the face by a giant babybel.

Inhuman Rampage was the first half of a musical Renaissance in my life which would be complete by the Nightwish album Dark Passion Play…    


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2 Responses to My Metal Journey (part 1)

  1. simon t says:

    a good read man. its funny how the choices we make lead to the places we are now.

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